About Us

We are a group of sewing enthusiasts with all skill levels--from beginner to advanced who enjoy getting together with our Neighborhood Groups or Special Interest Groups. We also celebrate sewing with retreats and spring and fall banquets.

Our Story

Fort Worth Dallas Chapter has been a proud member of ASG for 20+ years serving the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area metroplex.

Our Mission

ASG is an organization of sewing enthusiasts who connect with each other at local, national and web-based levels for activities, communication and networking. At the grassroots level there are, what we call Neighborhood Groups (NGs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which meet monthly or on a schedule established by the group members. Participants enjoy sewing programs presented by one of the members, or by an outside educator/speaker. Activities are organized by the group leader, or co-leaders.

On a wider scale, sewing events are organized by the local ASG chapter a few times a year. These may be a seminar or a hands-on workshop, presented by well known sewing educators. Field Trips, sewing retreats and fashion shows are also popular chapter events. 

Nationally, we have an Annual Conference which is the highlight of the ASG year. All ASG members (and non-members for an additional cost) are invited to attend this event. Participants are able to take classes taught by their favorite TV sewing celebrity or author, while also having the opportunity to meet sewing industry representatives and fellow guild members from other states. The exhibit and vendor hall are favorites among attendees. In short, the ASG Annual Conference has everything related to sewing for our members to enjoy. Additionally, domestic and international tours of special interest to sewing enthusiasts are sponsored each year with special pricing for ASG members – an opportunity to travel with sewing friends!

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