Special Interest Group

Top of the Month (TOM) (on hold)

Our Chapter has one Special Interest Group, formed for the purpose of learning to design and

fit tops, such as T-shirts and fitted bodices. The group meets monthly under the leadership of

Antoinette Brown, who attended the ES Te En Fashion Institute in Japan for five years,

volunteered to lead the group, and Helen Maynard, who assists Antoinette and group membersWhile attending the Wichita Falls ASG Chapter retreat last October, Dallas Chapter members, Antoinette Brown, Southwest, and Helen Maynard, Sew ‘n’ just 

for apparel making.  The Top of the Month was formed, program outlined and place to meet were all planned at lunch.   Antoinette has trained at the fashion 

design school, ES Te En Fashion Institute for 5 years in Japan.  She has volunteered to help with fit and fashion design.  Helen will assist.  


Other special interest groups may be formed from time to time.